Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Afghanistan is Good

Afghanistan is Good

The Cabbie picked up the well built and possibly steroid rich soldier from the red-light district of Sydney’s Kings Cross. He must have good time with the fun girls of Kings X. Now he is going to the nearest army base worth of $120.00 taxi fare.

On the way discussion continued;
Cabbie: You must be soldier?
Soldier: Yup.
Cabbie: Afghanistan?
Soldier: You got it.
Cabbie: How is Afghanistan?
Soldier: Good.
Cabbie: What do you mean?
Soldier: You see, I paid all my bills, bought a brand new four wheel drive totally cash, I got no worry.
Cabbie: I see. Are you worried about the Talaban?
Soldier: We kick their arses, they don’t come near Australians; we beat them hard.
Cabbie: I thought the Americans are uncivilized and uncultured barbarians, they shoot anyone for any number of reasons. I never heard Australians are ugly like the Yanks!
Soldier: What?
Cabbie: How can you beat them? They are too many!?
Soldier: We got the bigger and better guns, tanks, helicopters and planes.
Cabbie: So you are wining the war. Yet, after almost eight years things are getting worse in Afghanistan!
Soldier: No mate, I am just doing a job and it is up to the government.
Cabbie: So, you are invading other peoples’ country, beating the people who did nothing against you or your country and you don’t worry about ‘karma’?
Soldier: No mate, we can do it, we Aussies are the best. Did you say ‘KARMA’ (with a scary voice)?
Cabbie: Here we go mate, we are at home.
Soldier: You have screwed me up buddy. Do you think I am guilty?

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mamubhi said...

Some taxi drivers are very intelligent.