Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Honest Journalist or Nazi Rabbi?

Honest Journalist or Nazi Rabbi?

Faruque Ahmed is not a very big person. On the other hand 2GB is the most popular and expensive radio station in Sydney, Australia.

Last night a Mike Williams rang 2GB (or 2GB rang him) and introduced himself as an independent journalist from Gaza. He then delivered totally biased and boring blow against Iran and Syria. In fact he was keen to nuke Iran and Syria. He was a smooth talker like many Israeli spin doctors! He then confessed:

1. He was inside an APC.

2. APC is Armored Personal Carrier.

3. APC is reserved for high level Israeli army officials and Journalist (stooge?) like him.

4. He did not know which part of Gaza he was in!

5. An APC is totally shielded from the outside world.

Yet, he delivered a truthful account of Gaza Massacre! We have accepted (?) him as the gospel truth!! Remember, Hitler’s holocaust is expanding every day. On the other hand the slow motion and painful Israeli holocaust is shrinking from many peoples’ mind.

By the way Mark howcome we are not hearing from Faruque? Is it because you are blocking him to talk or is he not ringing your station? Have you read 'Why are they killing us and nobody moves?'