Thursday, July 19, 2007

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Robert Woodger

Robert Woodger

The shameless, greedy and opportunist Michael Jools is not only a professional looser; he is also a serial bankrupt. Late last year, he had almost bankrupted the poor NSW Taxi Drivers Association. He did so by withdrawing money from the NSW TDA savings funds without any approval of the committee and many of those spending lacks proper explanation. I have recommended a Fraud Squad Investigation to deal with the matter.

However, Jools has not forgotten the smell of the cash. He found out, even after his cruel misappropriation of the TDA funds, the association got some money. So, he dared to propose five amendments to alter the NSW TDA constitution as mentioned in the “House of Australian Vagabond Dictators“ below. In doing so, he and couple of his cult followers will grab the key and eat out poor NSW TDA money. One must wonder what kind of greedy control-freak would propose such amendments and what kinds of cult followers would accept them anyway!

Not only this, it also appears, Jools mislead everyone in the church during the funeral of Robert Woodger, in front of God and dead body of Robert as he is a party to kill the Cook Reports with the Department of Transport and thereby taxi drivers safety in general.

Considering the greedy nature of these creatures, I hereby propose, greedy Jools and Bradley should be expelled from the NSW TDA because of their converse conduct and disruptive behavior as well as the Ministry of Transport should be haunted for their share of crime too.

House of Australian Vagabond Dictators

That's how democracy looks like! Please join the House of dictators and throw your loose change to them. P.S. Italic added.

5.11 Removal of an Officer or Serving Member of the Committee. A meeting of the Committee may suspend or remove by passing a resolution any person on the Committee other than a Founding Member (do you mean those sacred cows!) from their position before the expiration of the person's term of office where the person concerned has shown a gross dereliction of duty and has acted persistently in a manner prejudicial to the interests of the Association.

4.2 The Committee will consist of the foundation members (holy Brahmins) and those and or other nominated and or appointed members will constitute the listed office bearers.

3.10 Foundation Members The Foundation Members of the Association are David Bradley, Mohammed Hadid, Michael Jools, Ross Nelson and Michelle Strathmore (Is it because many of them are serial bankrupts, professional cheats and shameless enough to use taxi drivers for their narrow personal gains?). The Foundation Members may by, simple majority vote, elect replacement or additional members from time to time as may be necessary to retain five active members.

20 Alteration of the Constitution This constitution and rules hereunder shall be altered, rescinded or added to by only a special resolution passed by the committee of founding members (Do you mean gang of five dictators?) in full session.[ Note the application of 15.2]

We the NSW Taxi Drivers Association express our deepest sympathy and condolences to the tragic loss of our colleague Robert Woodger, which might have been avoided. We renew our pledge to ensure that Robert's death won't be in vain.

A few brave drivers initiated the long overdue taxi drivers' safety issue. Since then a few items like cameras, Global Positioning System and the hopeless safety screens found their way to the industry. The public and the drivers paid enough money to fund such programmes through $1.00 flag fall rise and the resultant 80/20 split ($16.00 + $24.00 = $40.00 per day). The taxi companies took the money and played a sick joke with our safety. The NSW Labour Party led government ignored the good works of the following reports:

1. Driving Forces (Minister for Industrial Relations and the Attorney General),
2. Driving Forward, (Minister for Industrial Relations and the Attorney General),
3. Keatsdale Report (The DoT and NSW WorkCover Authority), 4. Dalziel Report (Sydney University) and
5. Alan Cook reports.

Our predecessor, the NSW CWA in their Media Release warned the government in advance. Yet three years later, the current `elite' David Madden report of 2006 following the Youbert Hormozi murder is gathering dust on the Ministerial shelf. The culture of neglect, profit and arrogance has overtaken public and drivers safety. The long overdue and repeatedly requested legislative framework to ensure the proper adherence and enforcement of the Duty of Care legislations under the Occupational Health and Safety Act remained elusive as ever! The cry for a public education campaign has fallen on deaf ears too. We appeal for an open and fair debate and discussion regarding taxi drivers' safety to save lives like Robert Woodger.
New South Wales Taxi Drivers Association
Mobile: 041 091 4118, Thursday, 28 June 2007

NSW Cabbie Welfare Association Inc.
Inc No 9875412

PO Box 349 Alexandria 2015
Mobile – 04 109 14118


We welcome the general thrust of the recently released Cook Report. We also welcome Minister Costa's expressed desire to consult with the service providers rather than usual "suspects" who are in so many ways responsible for the mess in the taxi industry.

However, the association cannot ignore the manoeuvrings behind the scene to predetermine the outcome of the final report. Specifically, the control mechanism adopted by the same bureaucrats who by their own actions and omissions allowed the lawlessness and reduction of service quality as well as compromised accountability and lack of transparency in the taxi industry.

The Taxi Task Force must be free and unencumbered in its reform agenda.

For the greater good of the industry and community, the Association has decided to merge with the NSW Taxi Drivers Association. We hope the virtually member-less Transport Workers Union will do the same instead of acting against the wishes and interest of taxi drivers.

Our extensive membership has voted to move over to the NSW TDA and as activists we shall be working towards the total coverage of taxi drivers by that Association.

We will go forward under the Yellow Ribbons of Taxi Unity.

Faruque Ahmed
NSW Cabbie Welfare Association Inc.